Insurance And Types of Insurance In UK – Full Details

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Types of Insurances in UK

Types of Insurance in UK – List Down

  1. Travel Insurance

In the travel industry, one of the most important things you need to consider is travel insurance. There are a number of different types of insurance that you may want to take out before you go on holiday or plan your next vacation.

Travel insurance can cover you against unforeseen events like illness, injury or loss of baggage. It also covers emergency medical care during your trip and even covers you for cancellation costs if something goes wrong with your holiday plans due to circumstances beyond your control.

  1. Health Insurance

When it comes to health insurance, there are many different options available to consumers today. Some policies include dental coverage, prescription drug coverage and vision care benefits as well as hospitalization services when necessary. Other policies offer just basic medical coverage that does not include any extras like prescription drugs or vision care benefits.

  1. Home Ownership Insurance

Home owners are always looking for ways to protect their homes from damage caused by natural disasters like storms or fires as well as theft by intruders who might break into their home while they are away on vacation or simply leave early before they return home from work late at night with little notice.*

Types of Insurance in UK – List Down

  • Liability Insurance

This means that if you are involved in an accident, the other party will not sue you for compensation. It also covers your property and belongings from damage caused due to your negligence.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

This covers damage caused to other vehicles when they collide with yours. It also provides coverage for your car in case it gets damaged while on a trip or while being driven. This type of insurance may cover other people who are traveling on the road with you as well.

  • Third Party Fire & Theft Cover

This is basically a combination of both liability and collision coverage. The policies offer comprehensive protection against fires, thefts, vandalism and any other losses that may occur during travel or at your home or business premises.

  • Medical Expenses Cover

If you have a medical emergency while traveling abroad this can help cover your medical bills so that they don’t exceed what they would normally cost if they occurred at home. A policy like this can also help pay for lost wages if a family member becomes injured while traveling abroad with you.